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      Proposed & Adopted Budgets Audited Financial Statements

    Change in the amount of the Proposed budget from fiscal year 2023 to fiscal year 2024:

      $ $996,141 17%

    Property Tax Revenue Budgeted for Maintenance & Operations:


      Fiscal Year: 2024 $ 3,505014.61

      Fiscal Year:   2023 $  2,648475.34

      Fiscal Year:   2022     $ 1,687,389.15



    Property Tax Revenue Budgeted for Debt Service:


      Fiscal Year: 2024 $ 0

      Fiscal Year: 2023 $ 0

      Fiscal Year:   2022     $ 0

      Fiscal Year:   2021  $ 0


    Property Tax Rate Comparison

    Proposed Rate Adopted Rates
           2024 2023 2022 2021

    Property Tax Rate .438261 .444930  .464776   .495747

    No New Revenue Rate .423491 .429568  .449059   .479798

    No New Revenue Maintenance & Operations Rate .438263 .444940  .553196   .478983

    Notice about the 2022 tax rates, including the No New Revenue rate, the No New Revenue Maintenance & Operations rate, and the voter approval rate:  Notice about the 2021 tax rates for Coke County

    PROPERTY TAX DATABASE: Click here for more property tax information, a searchable database of properties, and public hearing information for all taxing units in the County.

    Tax Rate Calculation Worksheets

    Below is a link to taxing units located in Coke County.  Tax code requires the County to list the Tax Rate Calculation Worksheets for each taxing unit located in the County on the County website.  Coke County does not set the rates for the taxing units.  Please click on the link below to see all entities by tax year.

            Taxation Worksheets

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